Long time no see!

It has been very quiet on the blog the past year and a bit, but definitely not in my life. While 2019 was filled with travels, from Tokyo to Los Angeles, and wonderful bigger and smaller celebrations, the year 2020 went by in a totally new pace. The world went on a standby due to the pandemic, and in a middle of all that we welcomed a new family member.

There were so many things we, as a new family, could not do. The word "canceled" has been heard, read and written way too many times. Life was different from how I have imagined my maternity leave would look like. Nonetheless, it was filled with joy.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the year that's passed.

February 29: One very special breakfast with M.

Photo 29-02-2020, 10.27.06 (Medium).jpg

March 23: Home office. Second week of the lockdown in Denmark and one week before going on a maternity leave.

Photo 24-03-2020, 15.44.01 (Medium).jpg

March: We used every opportunity to get out of the house and far away from everyone, to enjoy long (sometimes sunny) walks in the nature.

Photo 19-03-2020, 16.28.30 (Medium).jpg

April: Nesting. I had all time in the world to get ready for the arrival of the little one.

Photo 03-05-2020, 19.18.09 (Medium).jpg

April: In spring I have (re)discovered knitting and ended up working on a number of knitting projects: a couple of vests that my pregnant belly could not fit in, baby booties and one meter long baby blanket. The blanket (in the picture) was halfway done when we got to meet our baby.

Photo 26-05-2020, 11.21.19 (Medium).jpg

May 17: Welcome to the world, baby A!

Photo 21-05-2020, 19.38.47 (Medium).jpg

June: One of the many walks around Odense.

Photo 24-07-2020, 16.19.39 (Medium).jpg

July 4: That's one big smile on my face, as I got to spend my 29th birthday with my dear friends, eating delicious food, laughing. The lockdown #1 taught me to appreciate such moments even more than before.

Photo 04-07-2020, 19.29.55 (Medium).jpg

August: Giraffes in Odense Zoo, which became our go-to spot for walks with baby A and our mothers group.

Photo 21-07-2020, 13.42.26 (Medium).jpg

October: As the days got shorter and darker, there was time for hygge and play. Here is a self-portrait of our little family in LEGO minifigures, ready for the new adventures.

Photo 25-10-2020, 15.40.01 (Medium).jpg
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