Joyful Thursday: visit to Brandts gallery

Last time I wrote about a way to socialize on the last Thursday of every month - International Meetup. This time Joyful Thursday is about a place suitable for some “me time” hideaway, for a date or simply to spend time with a family or a group of friends - Brandts gallery.

Located in the heart of Odense, Brandts is a real hidden gem for art lovers and playful souls. In addition to that, Brandts’ shop is a great place to explore designer goods and artsy books, as well as a perfect spot to hide from the unexpected rain once you are out and around the Brandts Passage.


Here are the current exhibitions you can visit at Brandts:

Erik A. Frandsens: Haiti. The pages of the diary about his trip to Haiti are reproduced as 28 giant neon light panels. Works great if you wish to try practice your Danish or as a magical light therapy on a dark day.


Remembering Sam Shaw: 60 years of photography. An exhibition dedicated to the US photographer and film maker Sam Shaw. Remember those awesome shots of Marilyn Monroe?


Sensory exhibition: The Crystal Cave. Every half a year there is a new sensory exhibition at Brandts. Because art is not only meant to look at, but to experience too. The exhibitions is usually advertised as a great fun for children, but I know lots of adults who love the sensory experience too. Take your shoes off and start exploring.

Spektaklet. Play room and design studio with activities changing every other month. Here is how it looked like this time:


The Brands collection. A permanent exhibition of paintings, sculpture and photography by the Danish artists.

This autumn’s major exhibition at Brandts: Lars von Trier –The Good with the Evil opens at the beginning of November. The exhibition will focus on a retrospective overview of the work of Danish film’s greatest master. Can’t wait!

Why Joyful Thursday?

The admission is free every Thursday 5pm – 9pm. Moreover, every Thursday at 7 pm there is a free guided tour at various exhibitions. Most likely in Danish, but the guides do speak English too, don’t be afraid to ask.

Not enough? Check out the little brother (or sister) Brandts 13 where the programme of young art is exhibited.

Stop by and say hello if you ever see me at Brandts! What's you favorite spot to spend a Thursday afternoon?

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