A Hidden Gem - Odense Harbour

Once you get to a new place you start exploring the environment with all of your senses. After some time you find yourself coming back to the same places, some of them more than the others. Some of the places so often that you start calling them 'yours'.

Odense harbour (in Danish - Odense havn, pronounced as O - ðen - se haʉn) is such a place for me. Let me walk you around!

The harbour of Odense is one of the fastest developing areas in the city. Including new apartment buildings, student housing and developing business area, with a hub house Coworking Odense ahead.

Imagine, it's an early Sunday morning. From March til October Sunday equals a second hand market day here in Odense harbour. The square of the harbour fills up with sellers and their tables, loaded with second hand goodies. Second hand clothes, accessories, toys, books, you name it, are waiting for their new owner. Once the loppemarked ends, and the square gets empty, the local teenager's crew starts playing basketball, others practice new skateboard tricks. Once in a year a harbour square becomes a real celebration of basketball. By that I mean two days of action with NBA 3x tournament.

As summer this year was really pleasant (no, it is not raining here all the time), Odense Havneplads - an open air swimming pool, opened in June 2016, was a real hit.The pool in the harbour is opened all year round, so even if it's freezing outside, one can enjoy a sauna and take a refreshing swim.

Take a walk further on to the other side of the canal there you will find an outdoor activities' gem - Byens Ø. Parkour, mini golf, kayaking, water bikes, beach volleyball, inside football. The harbour is also a good choice for a place to chill at the end of the day, grilling at one of the grill places at Byens Ø and having some joyful talks.

Did I mentioned a beach? Okay, it is a small white sand-filled area, with, unfortunately, a couple of rather deadly looking palm trees. But the sunny weather and the light breeze makes it a great spot to enjoy a beer or read a book. Sun bathing? Yes, that's possible too. Somehow it looks like not so many people know about this part of the harbour (lucky me?).

Culture! From Nordatlantiskhus inviting to explore greenlandic, islandic and faroese culture to small art containers with various exhibitions. In spring time, the harbour becomes home for Odense Havnekulturfestival - a weekend filled with various cultural acts and activities.

Interested in street art? Then you will fall in love with a grey mural painted by Belgian street artist ROA.

That was Odense harbour. Where are your secret gems? Check about other places and spaces on my Instagram account.

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