Waking up from winter sleep and streets of Odense

It feels like January lasted a whole year and February past by in a week. Colder days approached the city, more tasks landed on the to-do list, then winter sleep mode kicked in, network connection went down for 1,5 weeks and the blog went silent. In a meantime we packed all our things in suitcases and boxes, disassembled furniture (I was not much of a help, but still) and moved.

I personally enjoy the moving so much. It does not matter if it is from one country to another, from a city to a city or just a couple of streets a way, like this time. The ability to go through all the stuff owned and maybe forgotten, sorting things out, starting fresh brings the joy in.

Many unpacked boxes later, the network is running, March is here, cold is still here. Let’s see what the spring brings!

Here are some pictures from the streets of Odense, when it was not too cold to take my gloves of. Find more daily joys on Instagram @zizivile.

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