Throw back to summer road trip - Portugal & Spain

In cold and rainy Danish spring my mind is often going back to the summer days. Long hours of sunshine, heat in the air and good company.

Back in August 2016, me and Marco spent a couple of weeks on the road in Portugal and south of Spain. Four wheels took us from central Portugal, the city of Covilhã to charming Évora. The road led down south, where we slowly enjoyed the region of Algarve and summer nights of Faro. Crazy hotness greeted us in Sevilla and Cádiz in the south of Spain.

Very well used to Iphone and DSLR photography, this time we had a little friend called GoPro to accompany us in the trip.

What we have definitely learned is that you should always clean the water splashes from your lens. What happens when you don't and some hot joyful moments can be see in this video:

For all the people out there working with video editing every day - you guys are great! My kindergarten level skills might be improved with more videos some time soon, but for now - find my photo captures of places and spaces here.

Be awesome! Let others know about it:

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