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Since I’ve first visited Enxabarda and Fundão, surrounded by Gardunha mountain chain, at the end of 2015, I’ve been fascinated about the landscape, surrounding views and, you know me, the little details. For me, who has grown up in Lithuania - a country with no mountains, currently lives in a flat landscaped Denmark and has never tried to ski, waking up to the view of mountains everyday was a wow-factor!

Finally, on our last trip to Portugal this year, we drove up to explore the highest point of Serra da Estrela mountain chain, which is also the highest point in the continental Portugal - 1993 m above the seal level.

In cold weather, Serra da Estrela is the only place in Portugal where you can enjoy winter sports, such as skiing and sledging. We did not have a chance to see much of the snow though, as most of it melted due to high temperature during the last week.

Up at the highest point, called Torre (tower), you will also find a tiny restaurant and a café (um café e pastel de nata, se faz favor!), as well as a shopping area where you can buy local goods. Inside it smells a lot like local goat cheese, be aware!

Here are the fascinating views from the trip!



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(Update: several months later, a video is finally online!)


Portuguese version:

(Sorry for all the mistakes, I am still learning)

Desde que visitei Enxabarda e Fundão, cercados pelas cadeias de montanhas da Gardunha e Serra da Estrela, pela primeira vez no final de 2015, fiquei fascinada com a paisagem. Para mim, que cresci na Lituânia - um país sem montanhas, vivo atualmente numa paisagem plana e nunca tentei esquiar, acordar com a vista das montanhas todos os dias foi um factor wow!

Finalmente, na nossa última viagem a Portugal este ano, chegamos ao ponto mais alto da Serra da Estrela, que é também o ponto mais alto de Portugal continental - 1993 metros de altitude.

Aqui estão as fotos de fascinantes vistas da viagem! Subscreva no meu canal do Youtube, o vídeo da viagem está em processo de criação.