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I guess it is okay to say that an event season in Odense is about to start! From early May until the end of September the city of Odense is spinning non-stop in a marathon of all kinds of festivals and other hidden gems. One of the things I was really surprised after I’ve moved to the city, was the amount of festivals or maybe the fact that any longer than several hours celebration is being called a festival here - from Port wine to Asparagus and Harry Potter festival, not even talking about all the music and culture festivals. But let’s get back to May.

Here are my top 5 events I am looking forward to the most in May this year.


 Odense Architecture Festival

Odense Architecture Festival (OAFx)

May 5-11th
A mix of free and payed events

For the first time in history Odense welcomes an architecture festival - a smaller sister (or brother) of  Architecture Festivals in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. This year's programme focus on creating a dialogue about the city's transformation. Movies, talks, walks and even circus performances awats curious minds.

Find the full programme here.

American Street Machines

American Street Machines - Open House

May 5th
Stige Ø Søppaviljonen + American Street Machines club
Free entrance

With the first signs of spring more and more old school cars started cruising in the streets of Odense. On the first Saturday of May American Street Machines club is gathering for a meetup at Stige Ø and later inviting everyone willing to lay their eyes on old school American cars to the club’s headquarters for an open house. I am in!

Check for more information about what, when and where here.


Pale Ale Festival 2018

Pale Ale Festival 2018

May 10-13th
Christian Firtal +
Pay for your beers

Yearly Pale Ale festival organised by Christian Firtal is coming back to the heart of Odense at Vintapperstræde. They say it is going to be a four days beer celebration with hops in the center of attention and more than 100 types of beer. Skål!

Here you can find more details about the event.


Odense Havnekulturfestival 2018

Odense Havnekulturfestival 2018

May 25-27th
Odense Harbour
Free entrance

Odense Harbour Culture festival is one of the oldest festivals in the city. Every last weekend of May since 2006, it invites for a weekend full of activities for the whole family. It also gives a unique experience to explore the surroundings of Odense Harbour, such as Byens Ø, with different eyes, as the industrial areas become alive, filled with music and various activities. Can’t wait to see the final programme!

Find out more about the event and different activities here.


Expat Fair - International Community Odense

Expat Fair: Welcome to Odense

May 31st
Odense City Hall
Free entrance

This one is for those looking for new free time opportunities or ideas, or simply interested in what’s events and activities for internationals in Odense! On the last Thursday of May, International Community Odense is organising Expat Fair: Welcome to Odense, where you will have a chance to meet and greet the mayor of Odense, as well as many different cultural organisations, sports clubs and associations. Say “hello” to me there too!

Get to know more here.


I would love to hear what events you are planning to attend in May - leave a comment bellow.