Behind Odense Events: Rebecca Brincker

Meet Rebecca Brincker - creator of Odense Events, a media platform providing information about events in Odense and people behind them. Today we talk about Rebecca's experience of moving to Odense from Copenhagen, the need to go out and make things happen, and the cultural scene in Odense.


Rebecca, what brought you to Odense?

I moved to Odense in November last year because of my studies. I am from Jutland, I lived there my whole life. When I was 18 I moved to Copenhagen, where I lived for 8 years. I did not have grades to do what I wanted to do in Copenhagen, so just applied to different schools and got accepted at SDU.

Was it scary to move from Copenhagen to Odense?

No not at all, but I come from a really small town and I loved being in Copenhagen. It is my kind of place - there are lots of things happening all the time. I moved into this grey block apartment building in Odense in November and it all was grey, rainy and depressing. I remember I sat in my apartment and thought - what did I do, why did I move here? I regretted moving to Odense for the first month, Now I think it was my own fault: I was walking around the streets but I did not try to go to events or do something actively myself.

After a couple of months I decided that I have to make the best out of this experience. I went online looking for some events. It was not easy to find something, but I got into some groups where I got to know some really cool people. I went out alone a lot, just sitting in bars, going to a lot of underground concerts. Just to try out Odense, get a better picture of a scene, see if I could find some great experiences and get my mood up. I thought - I moved here and I have to make the best out of it, I have to make myself a life in this city.


And has your perception of Odense changed with time?

Yes, it definitely did. After some months of going to lots of events alone, I have met many people and started to get to know them a little bit. I became a part of the group. It was really awesome to know lots of inspiring people working in different fields and many of them were making events.

There were a lot of things going on and slowly I realised that I need to look for them myself and actively look for events every day and then it is actually possible to have a great time in the city. It took me a while, but right now I think, actually, it was the best decision to me to move here. I never thought I would say that, I never thought I could move out of Copenhagen.

I think you are able to do a lot of things in Odense which are not possible in Copenhagen. In Odense there is a scene for entrepreneurs, people who like to create events and it is much easier in this city than in a big city like Copenhagen.

How did you came up with Odense Events?

I went to these parties and events, I talked with all these inspiring people behind the events, and thought - I don’t know you, who are you and why haven't I heard about you before? All of them have great interpretives, are really passionate people and I love to be surrounded by people from which I can learn something. Moreover, when I moved here I could not find a platform where I could read about all the cool people behind the events and where they liked to go. I was on vacation from university and had a lot of time on my hands. I worked a lot on the project, researching, writing things, going to events, making the website. Lots of things were done learning by doing.

How do you see the project of Odense Events in the future?

Odense Events started out with just me, but it is growing really fast. Now we are a team of five people: I have another photographer, two videographers and a person to proofread the texts, and I am looking for some journalists to write articles. The plan is for Odense Events to be the greatest website to go to, where you can find all kind of information about events you need, the people behind the events and what they are doing. It is really exciting and I am very happy that I have found all these people, who are really talented. Already now we are a small team, but I think we can make it.


What is your favorite event that you have attended up until now?

There is a lot of the actually. The best, for me personally, was one of the first Sofar Sounds events. It was at Onkel Olga's Galleri. I think it was the first time I felt a bit like at home in the city. I went there alone, I did not know the place, you had to walk through some nice houses into the backyard, go up the stairs and then just sit on the floor and enjoy the music. It was so small and really cozy, a really great experience.

It is difficult to choose a favorite thing. That is why I like to have a diversity, because I get bored really easily. I like to go to a heavy metal concert one day and then to opera next day, and go chill at underground locations and maybe grab a cocktail at Privaten. I really like that it is not always the same.

What do you think is missing in the events scene of Odense?

I think there are so many things going on actually, that it is difficult to participate in everything. There are a lot of festivals, but the winter months are really empty, everyone is far away. I am not so into the old traditions, I have not spent Christmas with my family for the last couple of years, as I was helping other people. I think from November to December there was nothing happening in the city last year. There should be something to fill in that hole.

What drives you the most about Odense Events, after you have settled and created your own network?

It is a part of my lifestyle, I go to events all the time. I like to surround myself with inspiring people, people who are more clever than me, who do something better than I do, so I could learn from them. I want to do something that can help other people. This project is like my baby and for me it is important that I have finally created something and I really want to keep it going. Another thing that drives me is that I get to create. Creativity, content creation boost me with energy.

In Odense we have so many possibilities and if you are making events it is possible to get funds and make great events. There is Kulturkontakten, and Bydelspuljen, so event makers can be successful - people just need to go out and do it. Odense Events is my way to contribute to the city.


What are your tips for newcomers who just moved to Odense?

Depends on who you are. If you move here to study, it is great to get a community within your studies, but it is even more important to get outside the studies. Go to events and find people who inspire you.

It is really important to be proactive, because if you are not doing anything then it is very easy to get bored in a city like this. Most of my friends are internationals and if you do not speak the language it can be extremely difficult. But even if Danish is not your mother tongue there are lots of international events, so you just need to go out of the door.

What is the next event you are looking forward?

It would be the Breakfast Beat at Teater Momentum. I have not seen anything like this before and I am so glad this type of event is happening in Odense. Next year I am looking forward to TedxOdense, as I did not have chance to attend it last year.

Any other projects you are working on?

Together with a blogger Jeanette Hardis, we have started an Instagram profile called Fynske Influencers. Me and Jeanette have been talking about that it is really important for bloggers to support each other and that we would like to gather all the bloggers from Fyn. More things are going to happen, related with the project, so you just need to keep an eye on it.

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