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I won‘t give advice on your workout routine, list the top 10 of must haves for the next season or share gardening tips. But I will invite you to meet and greet people and dive into their joys.

joyful talks are geared towards those who are looking for an inspiration in real life stories, as well as the ones who would like to be spotted and talk about their joys.

Currently based in Denmark, Odense – joyful talks will explore the local community. I wish to inspire you by telling stories of people you probably meet on the street and maybe never pay attention to. I aim to connect the community and showcase its diversity.

all the rest will gather my personal observations on life in a foreign country and wanders around new or old beloved places and spaces. I may not travel around the world (yet), but I will provide you with an insight into the simple joys.

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I‘m Zivile Petronyte - a girl behind it. Born and raised in Lithuania, I‘m currently living in Denmark. After finishing my studies I‘m bit by bit warming up in a shoes of an expat.

I believe that traveling, moving abroad makes us grow. International experience, you say? Yes. But moving to another country, living, studying, working – it is not all about that. It‘s about people we meet, what we learn from them and how does it change us.

I have always been a little bumble bee - buzzing around people. So many joyful talks I have have and always wanted to share with others. So this is it, let's see what happens here.

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The blog was started in November 2016 and since then is slowly gaining attention in a world-wide blogging sphere.

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